About us

Proteam Trading is a professional specialist in excess inventory goods and has a solid knowledge of the Global Market, with more than 30-thirty years of experience. The company operates with a high degree of efficiency and has over several decades built up a strong position also in the “brand-protection” area.


Proteam Trading has extensive experience in distribution, export & import, as well as taking care of all excess goods, and specializes in sports / sports fashion, textiles, and accessories.
We ensure that top reputable brands are handled with great integrity and sent into our channels according to the brand’s wishes. Proteam Trading has a disciplined logistics network with warehousing and handling in Europe, operating seamlessly between us, our suppliers,and our customers.


Proteam Trading does not operate with intermediaries or so-called “jobbers” and is thus directly to the source at both ends.
Welcome to us what makes safe and correct handling of your brands!

Our showrooms & premises

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