Selected Multibrand shops and Chains

We are today working with strong international brands.


   We recognize the most important and valuable asset of Trademarks is the development and preservation of its image.

Everything we propose will be based on that premise

   The quick redistribution of current stock
   The on-going distribution of excess inventory
   The on-going distribution of in seasons products
   Brand protection & sustainability

Further stock distribution

   To work closely with Trademarks to anticipate future quantities
   Establishment for a central warehouse in Europe for unwanted merchandises from all brands / markets
   This warehouse would be the central distribution point for all excess inventory being distributed out from EU into approved territories to avoid disturbing existing core markets.

The benefits to Trademarks

   A guaranteed system to keep unwanted stock flowing with a strong partner
   Full control of the distribution channel:when there is a unique official channel (controlled by Trademark and a strong partner for the unwanted stock), authenticity of bought items will not be questioned and illegal merchandise will be easier to detect.